ArubaOS Virtual Mobility Controller (VMC) & Virtual Mobility Master (VMM) on GNS3

I’ve been wanting to build up some ArubaOS 8 labs in GNS3 for a while now. I finally found some time to work out how to get both the VMC and VMM running in GNS3.

Download, Extract & Convert

First, you will need to download the .ova files from Aruba’s support site. After that, extract them (.ova files are just zip files) and convert the vmdk files to qcow2 files.

gns3@gns3vm:~$ qemu-img convert -f vmdk -O qcow2 ArubaOS_VMC_8.2.1.1_65265-disk1.vmdk ArubaOS_VMC_8.2.1.1_65265-disk1.qcow2
gns3@gns3vm:~$ qemu-img convert -f vmdk -O qcow2 ArubaOS_VMC_8.2.1.1_65265-disk2.vmdk ArubaOS_VMC_8.2.1.1_65265-disk2.qcow2

Create New Application

Next, we’ll need to create a new appliance. Both the VMM and VMC have similar requirements: * Qemu Virtual Machine * VMC - 3 interfaces * VMM - 4 interfaces * 6144 MB RAM * 3 vCPU (the VMC wants 4, but will boot with 3) * 3 Cores - the below setting is what I found to work in the Advanced Settings > Options. * VNC connection - can switch to telnet later.

-smp cores=3,threads=1,sockets=1 -cpu host -nographic

Interface Naming

The VMM requires 3 interfaces to be provisioned, but the first one is ignored. The second interfaces is GE0/0/0 and the third is GE0/0/1. The VMC is similar, but has four total interfaces.

Enable Serial Console

After the inital config, log in and issue the command: serial console redirect enable

And reboot/shut down, then change the appliance to telnet.

VMC Template Screenshots





VMM Template Screenshots