AWS Route 53 DNS - Latency Routing

- aws networking dns

This post is part of my note taking while studying for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty certification.

In Route 53 latency routing, Route 53 responds to DNS requests based on latency to the requestor.

  1. Create a DNS record set with a unique SetID and select a region. This region will be what latency is measured toward.
  2. Create more DNS records for the same resource with unique SetIDs and select whichever region the record relates to.
  3. Configure health checks. If a health check is failing, that record will be removed out of the avilable pool until the health check passes.
  4. Amazon will return the reesult with the lowest latency to the associated region.

For example, this is how to accomplish this via the CLI:


  "Comment": "latency record",
  "Changes": [
      "Action": "CREATE",
      "ResourceRecordSet": {
        "Name": "cloudylatency",
        "Type": "A",
        "SetIdentifier": "latency-us-east-1",
        "Region": "us-east-1",
        "TTL": 300,
        "ResourceRecords": [
            "Value": ""
        "HealthCheckId": "af2389h28"


$ aws route53 change-resource-record-sets --hosted-zone-id Z1R8UBAEXAMPLE --change-batch file://latency-dns.json