VRRP on ArubaOS-Switch

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VRRP is a standards-based first hop redundancy protocol. * VRRP = virtual router redundancy protocol * VRID = virtual router ID * The virtual IP MAC is 00:00:5e:00:01:VRID (in our example, 00:00:5e:00:01:0a) * Priority is 0-254, highest wins

VRRP Failover

The master transmits VRRP advertisments at at the configured interval (default 3 seconds) to the multicast address of In event of a failover event, the backup misses 3 VRRP advertisements ( and the backup with the highest priority becomes the master, takes over master duties, and sends a gratuitous ARP. Now, the former backup, now master, sends out the VRRP advertisements.

Enable VRRP

You first need to enable VRRP globally.

switch(config)# router vrrp ipv4 enable 
switch(config)# router vrrp virtual-ip-ping

Now, you configure it per VLAN interface.

switch-1(config)# vlan 10 
switch-1(vlan-10)# ip address
switch-1(vlan-10)# vrrp vrid 10 
switch-1(vlan10-vrrid-10)# virtual-ip-address
switch-1(vlan10-vrrid-10)# priority 254
switch-1(vlan10-vrrid-10)# enable 
switch-2(config)# vlan 10 
switch-2(vlan-10)# ip address
switch-2(vlan-10)# vrrp vrid 10 
switch-2(vlan10-vrrid-10)# virtual-ip-address
switch-2(vlan10-vrrid-10)# enable